Jump or Scroll to HTML Anchor

I have two HTML items on the page.
First - “Table of content”. Second - “Article”.
The “Article” has “Anchor” tags imbedded.
How to jump to the anchors in the “Article” by clicking on the chapters’ description in the “Table of content”?
Thank you for your help in advance.

You can define element IDs to things, then open to external page > the page of your app plus #theidyouset

Thank you very much.
I don’t have a lot experience with bubble.
Do you mean anchor ID?
What do you mean by open external page if both HTML elements are on the same page?
Sorry, if my questions look stupid.

No worries.

I mean element id https://manual.bubble.io/structuring-an-application/multipage-applications#common-questions-about-navigation

That manual post may just answer your whole question

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Thank you again.
Going to read.

No problem!

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