Create a pivot table from table in the database- create chart by grouping data

Hi Bubblers,
Newbie here, this may be trivial I suspect, but thanks for the help

My problem:
I have data in the bubble Database that I would like to chart after grouping by date or any other field.
I’d like to create another table in the database that serves as a pivot table for me with scheduled updates, the table will group things based on a day by count or sum, then I will create a chart to read from that new table

Illustration in this sample page:

I have written the two questions in the yellow texts on the page

Thanks in advance for your help

Found a fix on this topic: use :group by

You may ignore the request, thanks

@cyrille.ateba - welcome to Bubble! Good that you were able to discover the group by function. It can be a difficult concept, but sounds like you’re making progress.

For the sample app you linked to, looks like the app is set to private. (It may have been public earlier, but you may have changed it back to private).