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Create a set of data based on the chosen months

Please help.
I am trying to create a financial application where the user can request instalment loan and there is an admin that can modify that loan such as the status of the loan and the payment of the loan.

How do I create data in which when the user create a loan, it will automatically create an instalment based on the months that the user choose?

So for example:
The user create a loan with 6 months instalment. The user will see that the loan has been created as well as the instalment with the date and the amount of the payment.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hey there. To point you in the right direction, I believe the toolbox plugin will help you. There is an element called expression which can accomplish a variety of mathematic equations and spit out a value. As far as the dates, you can use any date and +months to achieve 6 different dates. Date1+(months):1 and date2+(months):2 .

You can also use more than one expression together. Expression1 value + Expression2 value. as well as conditions to change the formula if needed.

Thank you for replying!
I’ve tried the Expression from Toolbox plugin and it works for the calculation.
I have another question though, am I able to create a multiple data and put it into the database in one click of a button using this expression element?

yes you can use the expression’s value to write to the DB using workflow. either create new thing or edit thing.

I see.
Ok, I will try it first!
Thank you for your answer!
Much appreciated.