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New to bubble, I have created a business user in the index database, I would like the business user to add to employee database (created) users. These users will be able to login on the from a employee login page, and able to then manage their sessions for work done, jobs raised etc. Please can anyone advise if I can have accounts that are linked to the main user account but have specific admin rights, allowing the business user to then get an overview of the consolidated activities and data from all the employees.



Yes, this is possible. It’s all in how you build your DB schema. It’s a pretty broad question so the simple answer is yes. If you have more specific questions, let me know.

Thanks for the response, is there an easy guide that you can refer which I can follow to do this?

I don’t know of a specific tutorial for this specifically as it takes components and adds them together.

  1. Database structure and design…you will need to set up your database so that users can have a “type” associated with it. You may also consider adding to the database other components like a list of users on a business data type etc.

  2. Privacy conditions…bubble allows you to set privacy rules for who can view or edit data

  3. Permissions…this would be similar to the privacy conditions however it would be created by you or the business themselves ( which makes it more complex )…basically think about job titles having certain permissions to do things. For example the cashier can see the pricing data but can not change it, however a manage can see it and change it.

Hope this helps you get started on the learning process and can implement…

In terms of learning, watch the bubble tutorials, maybe purchase a class to build along with ( these usually show how to build a clone of another popular app ), watch videos on youtube from different bubbler channels, and always search the forum.

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