Creating an admin with users

Hallo Bubblers,

I’m currently building an awesome application with a freelancer.

but since I’m very interested in learning bubble know better and better, I’m currently creating an dashboard application for project management’s (familiar with

but I’m stuck at the data for current users and parent group thing.

Could anyone give me advice of how to make one admin account (the one who’se paying for the subscription (probably the business owner) and how can he add or I add 5 users/members of his businesses?

as seen on the screenshot I’m stuck or probably an amateur in the repeating groups, any advice would be awesome!

Thanks bubblers,


Hi Jack…

Yes, I do this in my app… In my user records I have boolean fields such as

Is a subscriber user
Is a super user
Is an admin user

Which I use to control the privacy settings.

Then I have a field in each user and in absolutely every Thing that is created called

Subscriber User

And this controls which subscriber to my system owns that object.

The subscribers to my system can then create Users for their own admin staff. Thos share the same Subscriber User value in their user record and have different “is a xxx” values set.

I hope that makes sense!


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