Create and attach PDF to email

I am really keen to use Convertio to create and email a PDF in my app as it has a free option for testing, and is relatively cheap (compared to the very expensive SelectPDF).
Unfortunately, as so often happens with Bubble, I spend days trying to interpret the cryptic and incomplete instructions available.

Some questions:

  1. When I invoke “Convert url to image” I must enter “(parameter) file”. It took awhile to work out that this refers to the url of the page I wish to convert. When I enter “This url” (selected from Dynamic data), the converted image consists of an empty white page. How do I enter the url of the current page (which contains the button to initiate the convertio process)?
    Then I am asked to enter “(parameter) filename”. I put in “test.pdf”. What is this filename for? Will it contain my converted image? If yes, how do I view the file? Where do I find this file? Can I attach it to an email?

  2. When I schedule my event “ConvertioEmail”, I am asked to specify “Workflow data”. What should I put in here? Currently I am putting the ConvertioStatus, for want of a better idea.

  3. When I attempt to “Open an external website” using the “data:application/pdf…” string generated, nothing at all happens. Is this the right command?

  4. How would I attach the converted pdf of my webpage to an email? Currently I am just dumping the whole “data:application/pdf…” string into the body of the email.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nice help you received.

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Hi @base37

I am sorry you didn’t get much help. Were you able to figure out a way to generate a good looking PDF? I am in the same boat but might use another plugin like PDF Filler and will let you know if it works.

I used to use “SelectPDF” but I switched over to “Bubble Page to PDF” from @levon’s Zeroqode. They have good documentation and @levon is always very helpful. It works a lot easier and it’s worth the one time cost or even the much less monthly cost. Saves me a lot of money and works pretty well. Very easy to set up as well. Maybe give it a try. You can email it with a link I think pretty easily.

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