Create API Workflow webhook that trigger with GET and POST method

Hello my bubble friend,

I’m creating the webhook notification for my payments but I couldnt manage a solution yet.
Just to be clear, this payment gateway to a verification of the webhook url in two steps.

1 -start the process of a simple GET http call to your URL, and it request a token to be sent back.
I already did this using retorn data from API

2 - You should set up an HTTP endpoint on your server and make be sure that you can accept webhook requests with a POST method.
That when I have no ideia of what to do, bubble api workflow just accept one method to trigger the workflow. If I set it to post and trying to do a Get from postman this happens:

My question is, how to allow a single api workflow to trigger two methods ( Get and Post)?

I already saw here in the forum integromat, but it will not work for me as integromat dont have integrations with VivaWallet.

Thanks Guys!

Do you use paid plan in bubble ?

Yeah… I have a plan and I’m using the backend workflow to setup my api… it was working fine on stripe the only send a post to bubble webhook. But as I’m changing the gateway, this gateway need to confirm this webhook by doing a get first and then send a post. Integromat is not a option as it don’t have vivawallet as integration

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We built a serverless function outside of Bubble. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in. You’ll be able to receive a GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and more.

Average cost of using these type of functions range between $4/month to $12/month, could be lower if there’s not much usage.

Send me an email at if you wish to discuss further details.

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