Create Bubble Thing ClientSide

Is there a way to create a “thing” client side and then have the database updated afterwards? I’m building a hybrid app, and this would greatly improve the user experience since the database update has a variable time.

You can create a trigger to schedule a job.

Use states for this :slight_smile:

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Or create the thing in advance as a draft and then update to live on “Save”.

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@NigelG gel, I thought about your method. Definitely considering it.

@help not 100% percent what you mean by using a state to create something. I understand the concept of holding a concept client side in a state, and then modifying, but im not sure this is a solution to my problem.

From what I have seen playing around today, it actually seems like bubble does create a copy client side to be modified immediately and then syncs with the database afterwards, which can generate some weird behavior. What I have tried so far is this:

I have a repeating group of thing x
thing x has a field “first load” that defaults to yes on creation
when first load is yes, this item is hidden in RG (though the cell still exists)
After creation, we switch thing x to visible state, and it animates into existence.

Overall, this looks very good and has a native feel. unfortunately, there is some very odd behavior when I delete a “thing x” and then add another. It seems to break the conditional states.

Anyone know if some custom javascript could do this? while I don’t know much about it , I have some c++ background and would be opening to maybe figuring that out.

Essentially, my goal is to make it look like these objects are created instantly and with consistency. Any delays give away the fact that this is not native.

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