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Create Card Token not triggering 2nd workflow "when Card Token Created"

I am using the Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin to run connect.

I need to create a card_ID token from a credit card form.

I have 2 workflows:

  1. starts on button click and adds all credit card information with “Create Card Token a Stripe Marketplace Token” to this token.

This should trigger the second workflow that should react when a “Stripe Marketplace a Token created” to create a customer and to save the card_id token,
but the fist workflow is not triggering the second one, thats my problem.
The token is also visible on the page (loads on page load).

I also tried to create the card_id token for a credit card with stripe.js 2 with the same result. 2nd worklfow never starting.

Any idea?

I found the error myself with this link Stripe marketplace create card token - Plugins - Zeroqode Forum

The credit card input value is not allowed to be INTEGER it must be TEXT