Stripe token for a card - Event element missing

In my workflow I’ve converted a card into a stripe token, but there is no workflow event for “Stripe token for a card”.

Am I missing something? I currently can’t set up the payment gateway on the site as a result. See image.

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I really like Bubble, I think it’s fantastic, but considering I pay for it the support is terrible. Is there any other support other than this forum as I never get an answer without bumping the post?

The team at Bubble is currently very busy as they are working on improving the product and expanding their team. At current stage they are unfortunately very busy but you can always try and reach out by email.

It usually took me around 3-5 days to get a template approved, I’m waiting almost 9 days now.

I appreciate that Bubble are busy but at $25 a month you would expect there to be at least some support for what must be a really simple issue to solve.

Can someone please tell me how to get the workflow trigger action of “A Stripe token for a card has been created”? It’s not an option and I don’t know why.

Take a step back, revert your plugin to V2 if you need this or read the Stripe documentation if you want SCA.

I was able to get stripe working for me last week. I got it to charge one time credit cards as well as save cards to user accounts and charge saved cards, but it took some work.

A- I implemented ALL beta patches for the strip plugin, as stripe has has made some changes to how bubble interacts with it, and the old Stripe how-to’s for bubble do not apply. All the material I found is no longer relevant.

B- I started looking at the error codes on stripe for why my attempts were failing. First, I was able to create user accounts and run one time charges, but not charges with saved cards.

I can’t take the time right now to write everything I had to do to solve the issues here (because I’m in the middle of launching), but I wanted to let you know that tokens get used to create a charge (temp card ID), but once you have the card ID, then it is an action, no token needed.

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply. I had no problem creating new customers, and the customer details were all saved, but looking at the Stripe log each time the token for the card was being sent as blank every time. I’ll try reverting to the old V2 stripe and see if I can get it to work with that for now and hope they dont deprecate it.

Did you solve this? I’m having the same problem


I am struggling with this issue now, did you find a fix?


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anyone chase down the answer to this? having the same problem…

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FYI for anyone struggling with this in the future, I did some additional digging and figured this out.

You can simply build a workflow ‘Stripetoken has been created’, without specifying if it is for a card / bank account / etc. This provides the correct behavior when you convert a card to a striketoken.

Where is the option to create the second workflow? “Stripetoken A has been created” is not an available choice.

Elements > A Stripe source has been created > changed the dropdown from source to token.

I have got it working after spending 2 days on it and 2,000 error messages lol. There arent any missing elements they were just changed from what i found. Here are some screen shots of my settings. You have to set your workflow up in a certain order because of how the tokens are made or you will get a ton of errors. This is how i have mine set up below.

Make sure you have a “Stripe token” on the page and it is set to be “visible on page load”… if it is not you will get errors. See the picture below.

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 9.48.59 PM|690x499

Work flow is as follows:

STEP 1 - When submit payment is pressed = sign the user up picture below.

STEP 2 - Create a Stripe Customer picture below!

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 9.57.46 PM|538x500

STEP 3 - Convert Card into Stripetoken

STEP 4 - Pay attention to this one Its important…You need to make 2 new data sets one for your customers ID and one for your customers Credit Card ID to be stored in bubble.

STEP 5 - Go back to your workflows and end it like this:
Make changes to a thing > User > Current User.

STEP 6 - - Add an event > A Stripe Source has been created.

STEP 7 - (Make changes to the user again to where the stripe token is now saved under the customers new credit ID card data field you created in your database): "

FINAL STEP: Create a stripe “Card”… using the customer ID and Card ID from the 2 fields you created in your database. Note: A token is a way of making data safe, but it cant be used unless its turned into a card which is the last step. Good luck i hope it helps.

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