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Create Chrome Extensions with Bubble

Hey folks
I created a simple toolkit for building Chrome Extensions with Bubble →

Its two parts: A native Chrome part and + a Bubble plugin. Super easy to set up and i released the native part as open-source / free - so there are no upfront costs.

Here is a video of how it works:


Btw, the basic extension code to package your app into a chrome extension is completely free and open source :slight_smile: hence, no upfront costs at all. Or bo costs at all if you dont need the bubble plugin for two way communication.


Hi @d9999- can one inject custom JS with Charles?

Not as a workflow yet, but you can get the source files as starting point and add…there are a bunch of injections for the modal etc that u can copy

But i could add this - what would the use case be? Just inject plain js to the site?

Yes I want to allow users to highlight keywords in different colors.

@d9999 Is there a way to set the value of the extension Badge? It’s the little box, which you can change the color of and put i think up to 4 digits of text in.

Also Is there a way to show notifications or content scripts?

This looks very cool though.

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thanks @bjstrevy! Not currently, but im happy to take it on the roadmap!

That’d be awesome! I know that Honey has something where they show the number of deals for that domain in the extension Badge, so being able to control that would be really useful.

Is there a way to continue to run the Bubble site while the extension is not clicked on?

Running the bubble app in the background would not work. You could however have the background script communication with the data/workflow api of your bubble app… that would be a bit more specific though than it would make sense for me to add to charlea

Hi @d9999- the chrome extension window is being injected into the lower left footer section of the screen. Is there a way I can disable that?

hey @sydney22 - not sure i understand what you mean. can you share a screenshot?

No worries, @d9999, it was coming from my end- was trying to inject js into the current tab and it ended up injecting the extension window in the footer.

Got it, thanks for clarifying

Btw, are you still working on the injection piece @sydney22 ? Got a solution built now - happy to jump on a short call?!
Put the new source code behind a paywall now, but therefore the plugin is now free. Of course happy to provide the updated source code foe free to existing users. Let me know if you still need it.

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Sounds great @d9999. I"m bogged down with another project at the moment but I plan on revisiting the Chrome extension one soon. I’ll check out the Charles update for sure.

Great, just DM me once it becomes relevant