Looking for someone to build a Chrome extension using a Bubble page

Hi all,

We need some help building a Chrome extension for our app.

Essentially the use case is we’re a Product Management type tool with two key data types: ‘Product’ and within that ‘Features’.

So, the Chrome extension would let our user (a product manager) highlight some text, for example a feature suggestion they received via their Intercom live chat from a customer, and then in the extension they could see a list of their Products in a dropdown, then select one and click a button that takes that highlighted text and adds it as a Feature in that product.

Therefore there is a small bit of UI that needs designing and I thought it would be a lot easier to design that UI as a Bubble page then render that within the Chrome Extension popout.

Here is an example of another company with a similar thing, although we don’t need as many options in the extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/roadmap/acgfcgmnegdfncljdiinbkhohndjoooj?hl=en


You can make Google extension that sends data to bubble api endpoint. I believe it’s easier to find on upwork or Smth like that.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll take a look there for sure

I’ve built one that is not totally dissimilar.
I don’t have time to build yours but happy to share what I did


Thanks that would be awesome - I’ll pm you