Create Data Type (i.e. table) from API call initialization

It would be nice if there was a way, when creating APIs, to allow it to create a new Data Type in the database based on the fields that are returned by the API call. For instance, I want to import data from an API, so I’ve setup the call, but now I have to create the Data Type with the 40+ fields, along with related lists.

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Yeah, this would be nice. Similarly, you might run into the following issue with APIs that return a list of objects that have multiple keys/fields/whatever-you-want-to-call-them:

Hi @keith, that’s not an issue, you just haven’t learned all there is to learn about Bubble. I responded in your post.

If you’re interested in limitations of the current Bubble API Connector, you’d do well to re-read my post. It’s a real thing. You don’t understand what I’m going on about, which is fine, but this is a known limitation.

OK, that may be true about the API Connector, I only use the Plugin Editor to build my APIs, but I thought they are basically the same. If I read your post correctly, then I’m fairly certain it’s possible.