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Create a thing from API data type

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to create a thing, but the data type of it is just set in my api connector, not directly in database. Just to further explain, picture this JSON object:
Again, this object data type is just defined with a call from API connector. I’m trying to create a simple custom object with zeros, for example, so I can work with it later.

I’ve already tried to create with elements, workflow actions, but just can’t achieve what I want. If someone please can help, would really appreciate. Struggling for too long with this problem already.

in the workflow editor, as you create a thing using the JSON result, you should be able to set the following types in the DB…

  • set DB-thing1 key value from the response
  • set DB-value1 to a constant ( type string, value “0” typed into appropriate box in UI for the WF )

Hi rowntreerob, thank you for the reply, but the matter is that I don’t have this “thing” in my bubble DB, it’s just a thing bubble created from my API connector. I’d like to create, delete or modify this object without using the database, beucase bubble, even if the objects are the same, would tag them as different data types → If I create in my database the example I gave, and have the same values from the API connector, bubble wont let me use one as the other.

understood, & not bubble expert , but until you do some official bubble thingy with the JSON API response, how to get bubble to expose a typed bubble.obj to which you get a reference?

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above may follow similar issue/frustration

javascript makes this transparent & ez but (JSON-to-string, Json-to-object) until you injest that JSON , what do you actually have ( no native json type in bubble )

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