Create dropdown for start and end times

The Bubble date picker only shows date and time but I need a date, plus a start and end time.

I’ve looked at Air Date/Time Picker several times but always conclude it’s not user friendly.

My solution is very simple, I will use the Bubble date picker for the date, then create two standard dropdowns, one for the start and one for end times. I’ll populate the dropdown option list with the 24hour clock times;

02:00 … and so on.

However, my form Submit button won’t update the DB with the value of the Start time dropdown's results because it wants me to add something instead of allowing me to put Start time = start time's value (see below).

I am guessing that the issue may be that the dropdown is not formatting as a time? I’ve tried saving the Start time result in the database field as a date, number, list of dates … but nothing works. This should be easy right?!

Hi @darren.james7518 ,

You can try this solution for storing the start and end times. First, create a field name time with field type date range.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 11.07.42 AM

Then use two date & time Picker elements in order to save start and end time.

Create a workflow on a button when you want to save time.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 11.22.05 AM

Once you save the data in the database. Now again pick the date & time picker element and do the following steps shown in the screenshot to set the start and end date:

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You have it in your database as a list so it’s looking for multiple things. Make the field just 1 thing.

Also there’s no such thing as a time without a date, if you had a dropdown to pick a time you need to store some kind of date even if it’s like 1/1/1970.

ALSO @karamwise you made me respond to a post from a year ago :joy: Never mind