Start date field saving the value from an end date input

Hi Bubble Community,

First time using Bubble and posting here so apologies if this is not a worthy topic.

Basically I’m trying to save the values from two date/time pickers using the Air Date/Time Picker plug-in, into respective fields “StartDateTime” and “EndDateTime”, where both dates are the same but the times are different.

I can select both the date/time pickers to have the same date but different times:

I’ve set the workflow to save the start and the end time stamps accordingly:

But for some reason when I click the button associated with the workflow, it appears as if the value of the end date/time picker are saved into both the “StartDateTime” and “EndDateTime” fields.

Could anyone shed any light on this please? I must be missing something.



The easiest way would be to share the link to your app editor (readonly is good 'nough) - should be something really simple, but kinda hard to tell just by looking at it :slight_smile:

P.S. Welcome!

Thanks for offering vladlarin! :+1: Does this link work? I changed the application rights to “everyone can view”

There’s apparently something wrong with the link, because it loads forever yet never shows me the editor :slight_smile:

I’m clearly going through some Bubble newbie issues hahaha

Maybe this link is better?

FYI I’m currently in a proof of concept phase and focusing on the DB and workflows so there isn’t much user friendly UI on any of the pages, everything is pretty much out of the box Bubble or plug-in presentation.

Thanks again!

Seems to be in check to me, what makes you think otherwise?

The first date/time picker (Air Date/Time) is the one giving me issues. The second date/time (Bubble default) is, as you have observed, working fine.

The weird thing is that since my last post my friend and I tried using the Bubble picker to read what ever was coming out of the Air picker. We then tried two “Save availability” workflows:

  1. Input a start date with the Air picker. Save start date from Air picker.
  2. Input a start date with the Air picker. Save start date from Bubble picker.

For some reason both resulted in different times being saved!

Suspect that there’s some sort of issue with the Air picker. Decided to try to use the Bubble default picker.

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