Create Gift Vouchers for my app - possible with Stripe

I’d like to offer gift vouchers for Christmas and wondering if anyone has successfully set this up with their app?

What’s the best way to take payment but not start an account…and then have the 'giftee ’ set up and start their membership from their chosen date?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated as always

PS Really would be lost without this forum and everyones help!!

I may be wrong, but is this what you want?

  • Person A goes into your system and generates a gift voucher that they intend to give to Person B.
  • Person A also pays for the voucher.
  • Person B is somehow told they have a gift voucher in your system.
  • Person B claims that voucher and uses its value in your app.
  • Person B does not have to pay anything.

If that’s the case, you can do this, regardless of payment gateway.

  1. Create a table in your app (GiftVouchers) with these fields:
    name (text)
    amount (number)
    recipient (text)
    voucherNumber (text)

  2. When Person A goes into your app to buy a voucher, ask them for the amount and the name of the recipient, as well as their name. Make a Stripe call to accept the payment. Then write a new GiftVouchers row with the info. Assign a unique, easy-to-read value for the voucher number.

  3. Person B can then go into your app, and key in the voucher #. You can then get the outstanding value for the voucher and let Person B use it.

You should be able to do all of this without having anyone else (other than you) create a Stripe account.

To be safe, you should probably also accept Person A’s email and maybe auto-setup an User account for them so they can at least go in and see if the voucher was used.

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@firstfifteensoftware thanks so much! This is exactly the logic I needed but am too frazzled to see without your guidance. Really appreciate your time. I’ll implement this tonight