Create list from External API Call

I have an external API call that is returning values. One of the values is a list of custom fields with their id, and value. I am trying to create this list in my database. My workflow,

  1. Call the external API to create new contact (this is working)

  2. Backed workflow to create new contact in database (this is working)

  3. Schedule a backend workflow on a list of things. This is not working. The list of things selected is the Result of Step 1 - Custom Fields.

Here is the results of the API showing the list of custom fields results, this a part of larger result list.

Below is the API call to show what list to run on.

Here is the API to create the custom fields.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @jason.h :wave:

This is because you can’t return a “Thing” (Bubble object) from your API Call. You are returning a list of text (the unique Ids of these “Custom Fields”).

You will have to adjust your API Workflow to expect text, not a “Custom Fields”. And you can find the “Custom Fields” just doing a “Search for” using the Unique Id as a constraint.

Thanks for reaching out. When I change the type of thing for the workflow to text, it still shows at red (see below). Also when I do that, for the custom_field_id and custom_field_value, I cannot select “This text field_id”. I can only select This text.