Issue while creating multiple things using backend workflows

Trying to create multiple things in the database. Created a backend workflow first to create and save multiple things. In the attached screenshot, I am trying to iterate through the API response. I have selected the actual API call I created in ‘Type of things’ which is being called in step 1. Also, the list to run this on is the result of step 1 which I have added in already, on hovering, I can see that it evaluates to the same API being mentioned on top but yet gives an error. Can anyone explain why>


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I think your Step1 return an item, not a list. (Evaluates to a SearchPodcast API… This is not a list)

Here you can see the count and the list of objects under “results”. Doesn’t this mean its a list?

OkayI have now used a different approach by using the bubble feature to create new things with the bulk operation. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Create an API call to get the JSON object, here is the example response:


I need to save parameters from each of these 10 results passed.
2. I created an API request to create things in bulk.

  1. I then created a workflow and called the API to create things in bulk, while calling an external API and formatting its output in text:

When I preview the app it does not give any error but in the database, only the first result placed at 0th position is saved in the database. The remaining 9 are leaked somehow. How, do I ensure that all of them get created in the database?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.