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Create menu and submenu

how to create submenu in sidebar Menu and how to link individual menu item to link navigation to pages

When you say submenu, do you mean a second menu or sub-menu items inside of one sidebar menu?

i meant a tree structure. like in below example Contacts can have 2 menu item Customer and supplier, when I click on customer it will take me to customer page, also I should be able to add icon before or after Customer. And I can choose menu bar to be vertical or horizontally aligned to page, which can be used as reusable item so I can same functionality on each page.


Can’t you use the menu in this widgets Website

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if you look in this course at the lectures 25, 28-29, there is a re-usable menu , sub-menu. but it is not a tree.

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Hi Vega,
this is really a very useful links, yes it is possible to make menu and submenu through repeating group.
but it would be very nice to have element with menu and submenu which can have static page links.

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Yes. I agree that would be nice. I wonder how easy it would be to make the existing plugin have sub items.

The input could be indicated with something like the “>” symbol:

>Add Order
>View Orders
>Remove Order
>Add Product
>View Products
>Remove Product

And the menu could be slightly modified to show some hierarchical view of the menu where parent items are collapsible and sub-items are indented a bit:

Would that satisfy the need?

I’m anxiously awaiting the day when we can possibly build our own plugins…

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Hi Vega,
yes that’s exactly the requirement. :slight_smile:
and we should be able to provide page navigation

I’m confused how this is not a priority for a platform attempting to build applications, which by default, requires menu driven navigation. I love this platform, but I see this a very big miss and something that’s stopping me taking my apps to the commercial level. I can build great functionality, but in a navigation framework that is simply substandard.

something like this?

it is not scalable, haven’t optimize the workflow.

Check out this bubble Template,

I am looking to achieve the same functionality of which you speak, I may purchase this to view the work flow and conditions required to make this

Can’t believe till this day they haven’t thought of something like this.