Need help creating a dropdown submenu

I followed the Udemy course. The author didn’t explain how to create the submenu (the subcategory one). I tried doing it myself but to no avail. See picture below from the Bubble app itself. What I want is how to create the submenu to the right of the menu after hovering on a menu item on the left. Each item on the left, when hovered, will show a different submenu.

Your help is appreciated.

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The approach I would look at is setting up a workflow for each element on hover that then displays the submenu item which is initially set for not visible but becomes visible on hover.

I am using a repeating group for the menu. So that won’t be possible unless I am missing something.

Hello Marar,

There are a couple ways I could see going about this. The first would be to use only buttons and groups (not repeating groups) and the conditions to show or hide groups of subcategories when you hover over a button. An example template is on Airdev’s widget site:

If you are creating menu items and subcategories using your database, then you can also use repeating groups. Inside the cell of the repeating group create another “current cell’s menu item” group of the current cells type. Create another group for the subcategory list where you want the subcategory to show and set its condition to be hidden unless the "current cell’s menu item"group is hovered. Inside the “subcategory list” group you can add another repeating group of the subcategory items that populates depending on which “current cell’s menu item” is being hovered. If need be I can create an example one as a public app for you to see. I would suggest using Airdev’s widget using groups as opposed to repeating groups as it is easier to do when the subcategories are static instead of dynamic.

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I’ve created a public app. let me know if this is the same behavior as what was design in the tutorial:

This should replicate the menu that was created in the udemy lesson. To get the menu to operate by hovering instead of clicking like in the real Udemy site, group conditions instead of focus group workflows would have to be used and it ismore work to do it via hovering.

Here is the link to the editor but I’m not convinced it will open for you:

If not I might have to copy what was made into the forum app:

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Can you give me a opportunity to see the backend of this plugin? I cant see by links