Create New Thing if it Doesn't Exist - Deprecated

A heads up to anyone creating new apps, I just noticed the “Create Thing if it Doesn’t Exist” has being deprecated.

Apparently it can still be used in apps made before July 18, but thought I would give a heads up to anyone as new apps won’t give you the option to do this


Thanks for the heads up @gf_wolfer.

As an FYI to the Bubble team, the one challenge this would create for our application (if we created it from scratch today) is that by separating this 1 action into 2 actions each with different trigger conditions is that we often have to reference this step in future actions in the same workflow. Currently, there isn’t a way to reference “step 1” if step 1 passed and if not then “step 2”. As such, we’d have to duplicate many of the workflows that follow (one action that references step 1 and another action that references step 2, each with the corresponding trigger conditions).

So, I’m glad it’s not deprecated on our app. Seems entirely solvable though with an upgraded way to reference other actions. Probably not a high priority at all though, imo.

Thanks for posting this! I was just about to inquire about how to do an “upsert”. Is there an example around showing how to structure the workflow?

Step 1 - Insert if doesn’t exist
Step 2 - Set Custom State to thing of Step 1
Step 3 - Update if does exist
Step 4 - Set Custom State to thing of Step 3

Now use Custom State in rest of actions.

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Thanks, @NigelG, very helpful!