Create a thing if it doesn't exist?

As Create a thing if it doesn’t exist is deprecated by bubble then what’s the workaround for it then when this feature was there then I used to create a thing once then keep on updating it every time.

For instance Consider a case scenario of LogIn Via LinkedIn I used to save information once and then keep on updating the information but now when I log In every time a new thing is created so how to overcome this problem help me out.

@NigelG @sridharan.s @emmanuel any suggestions ?

You can use a condition on the action to create the thing

Right Now I have this kind of workflow but here the problem is this there is no option for creating a thing if it doesn’t exist so nothing is getting stored in user information and if Instead of make changes if I use create a thing then it keeps on creating a new entry everytime when I sign up using Linkedin so How to overcome this problem.

As above, have a workflow/condition for when it does exist (step 2), and one where it doesn’t (step 1).

It can be a bit of a pain because if you want to refer to the updated/created thing you need to double up the workflows (steps 5 and 6).

On a page you can always set a state and use that, but this is an API workflow.

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It is a pain. I don’t think the feature should have been removed.


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