Create order UX: Possible in Bubble on Hobby plan?

Hi there,

I came across a specific UX for order creation, which was a coded solution. Now I want to try to mimic this in Bubble and I am getting stuck, so if someone can help me out that would be great.



What I want to achieve that using this order screen I eventually create the following data structure:

  • Order: 1233123
    • Orderline: Product = MAT1, Qnt = 4, Delivery = W2
    • Orderline: Product = MAT2, Qnt = 5, Delivery = W3
    • Orderline: Product = MAT3, Qnt = 6, Delivery = W4

Current Setup

  • Input field for order number to be able to create an order on Save
  • Repeating group (orderlines) based on Products datatype (MAT1 - MAT3)
  • In each row another repeating group (numbers) (1 row/10 cols) based on the list of number plugin (1-10)
  • In each col of repeating group (numbers) I have an input field for the quantity.


How can I add an order line to the order for each filled in quantity field, having the correct product, quantity and delivery week. Is this even possible with hobby plan?

At the base of this question I believe I first need to manage to create order lines based on the products shown in Repeating group. Is this possible without using scheduled (API) workflows on hobby plan?

Thanks for tips and help