Need help Creating/sending data from repeating group

Hello everybody,

I am new at Bubble and trying to create my first app.
It’s a multiple-step order form and I need some help…

I HAVE included the link to the test builder.

First step shows a START button
When the user clicks the button
–> create a new “order”
–> go to next 2nd step …

2nd step shows a repeating group
Clicking on an image of choice in that repeating group :
–> image is shown above the repeating group (this already found how it works…)
–> next Button appears
Clicking this button :
–> the DATA of fields “image, name AND price” for type Product1 should be ADDED to newly created "order"
How can I do this?
Can anyone please help me out…

in the third step the user can then choose the 2nd product, etc…

thanks so much in advance for your help !!

I count’t get into the app. Make sure the editor is set to Public. Go to settings>>General>>Application Rights to change.

I wil try to explain it the best I can.

For fields you want to have one field in the order data type, that is a List of products so they can add multiple products to the order.

You want to set the page or group, that you are doing the order, to data type order.
Then when you create a new order you want to display that order in the group or page that you have.

When button next is clicked you want to make changes to parents group order then you select the selected order and add it to the parents group order, to the field (list of products).

I hope this helps. Once I get access to the editor I can see how you set it up and help you better.


Dear Lester,

Thank you so much for your response.

I have set the application rights to “everyone can edit”
I understand what you are explaining but I cannot seem to pull it off…

I want the user to press the start button. Then they create a new thing, order
In this newly created order I want to add in every step the fields “name” and “price” of the chosen product
(3 steps in total)
Every step contains a repeating group. The user can choose a product by clicking the image of the product they want. then the chosen image is shown in the group above the repeating group
Then, when they click the next step button --> fields “name” and “price” of the chosen product have to be added to the created ORDER.

Thank you so much in advance Lester for checking out the application…
I am using Bubble for a few weeks now… It’s really amazing!!
But I still have to learn a lot :slight_smile:

Ok, I could get in now.

I set up the first 2 buttons and you should be able to just follow that workflow for the rest of the buttons.

Just let me know if you need more help.


Thank you so much!
Now I understand…

So, for the next steps I just add the second and third step in the new group “Group new order” you just made…
And then continu the same workflow
Is that right?

FINAL THING In the fourth step I want to do a summary of the order
So, I want to display the fields “name” and “price” of the chosen products
and calculate the total price for the order


For the first part yes.

To display the order summary put a repeating and then set the repeating group then set the data type to product and data source to parents group ordered products.

For the total do parents group Order’s Ordered Products price:sum then that should give you the total price.


Thank you so so much Lester.
I will keep you posted…


Ok sounds great.


Hey Lester,

another quick question…
Did you also make a group inside the repeating group? (group product 1)
What was the reason for this?


I did. The reason I did it was so the whole group can be clicked instead of just the picture but I didn’t change the workflow from the image to the group.