Create over 1000 data at same time from list data

I want to know smart way.
I have ID list data like ID:[1,2,3,…2000]
I want divide this data to each cell.

I’m currently using Api workflow and make loop like
create data id = ID#a >> a+1>>this workflow+5sec >>>…

But it is very slow, so I changed like this.
create data id = ID#a >> a+1>> create id = ID#a >>a+1>> …create id = ID#a>> this workflow+5sec >>>

then it was much better but it still looks idiot way(and slow).

Bulk data change api is available but it only allowed 1000 data at same time.

Anyone know the way to do this?

There was a workaround mentioned in the forum. Something with JSON.

I want do it in workflow because Bulk data change api only allowed 1000 data at same time.

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