How to create 2 or more data at same time?

I want to create bulk data.
(Automatically and the data from API )
For example 1,2,3…100 like as the picture.

Idea1, Use “Do every 0.1second” and making loop until 100.

Idea2,Use Workflow and loop every 1 - 2 second.

I want to convert this list data to normal data.

I want to put each of them to each sell.

You can upload data from a CSV file, but I think you need at least a Personal Plan to do so. I don’t know if that helps. I’m not sure what the options are on a free plan.

Hi, Thank you for your reply.
Can I make the CSV upload automatically?

Currently, I’m using Idea1“Do every 0.1second” and making loop.

It is good but it takes super long time and looks not smart way.

I find “Bulk create new things” in reference.

If this is needed frontend I’d go for Recursive API workflows (will run server side rather than client with the ‘do every x seconds’), otherwise use the Bulk method in the Editor and link to an existing API workflow to execute.

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