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Create pdf with active url links


Does anyone know of a way to create a pdf document that contains url links, so that when viewing the digital document if there are urls on the page the user can click on the link to view its destination?

Here’s an example of a partial document that contains urls. In this example I’d like the user to be able to view the image if they click on the link.


Hey There!

In order for that to work you can do two different options.

A) Replace that text element with a Link element and set the destination to external page and use that same source as the destination and add a User friendly name to it like “View Image” or the title of the document.

B) Use HTML to turn it into a link [url=Current cell's pdf url]User friendly link name[/url]

Hope that helps!

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Hi @joseph.farinhas

Thanks for your help. For suggestion B I did this: Image “url=]Image[/url” Where do I put that? In a text box or html element? I put in html element, but all I got was the entire expression.

I did as you suggested for suggestion A, but all I got was the entire expression, not just the user friendly text.

Which pdf plugin would work for either of these? It seems the ones I’ve used are just taking snapshots of the page or element and converting that to pdf.


Hey @gnelson The plugin I use for PDF conversions also just ‘screenshots’ the page and converts to PDF. I use THIS ONE

For the link I recommend using the built in element link.
First box is the User friendly link (Example Click here to view PDF).
Link Destination will be external url
Destination URL is where you put the pdf address. If you have it saved in a field use that field.
And I always enable open in new tab

upload a screenshot or editor here if you are still having problems. or PM if you want also

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Hi @joseph.farinhas

That’s actually the one I use. I’ll play around with it some more and get back to you.


@gnelson @joseph.farinhas did you guys find a way to create pdfs with active links?

I haven’t yet.