Create Project timeline overview with repeating group

Hi - I am trying to visualize a project time-frame timeline similar to the below

Basically, the max and min of all the listed projects are the boundaries and the specific time frame is visualized as a bar.

I tried using a bar chart but could not get it to work. Any suggestions? Happy to also be using an external plugin for this.

Thanks you

This seems like a good fit?

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Thanks! But as far as I understnd this wont work with repeating groups, which would allow me to do things like edit the respective items.

@chvw This plug-in works with data directly from the database like a repeating group. Also, the event ‘bar is clicked’ is included. When a bar is clicked, among other states, the state ‘id’ is set. If you use for this id the unique id of the database entry you would have access to this entry (by for example doing a search with the filter unique id = Gantt’s id) :slight_smile: