Create several Data Type based on several values

Hey folks,

In client side, I set the date picker on which the user can choose several dates.
I list all those dates just besides the date picker.
But once I submit the form, I would like to create multiple Event DataType in the db based on my selected dates from air date picker.

Is it something feasible ? in which way ?


Use a recursive backend workflow, and send the list of dates into it as a parameter, then iterate over that list, creating an Event entry in the database for each one.

Ok thanks for the answer. I’ve just started to use bubble yesterday :slight_smile:
For those who want more details : Recursive workflows for Beginners |

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Hey @adamhholmes

I come back to you about the backend workflow.
From the blog post that I mentioned, I read that we workflow should be :
1 - create a backend workflow to defined the parameters.
2- create a schedule workflow in second step, to increase the iteration.

For the second point, we will schedule the same workflow to run 2 seconds in future. it will give a small gap between each iteration.

If I have a form with 10 dates, which will create 10 events by clicking on “create” button, it would take 20 seconds fo my 10 events to be created ? O_o
Do I understand correctly ?

Do I understand correctly ?

Yep, it looks like you understand perfectly :slight_smile:

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Today, what we search is immediate processing.
The more dates our client enters, the longer the process will take.
That sounds really painful for the UX.