Can I create multiple data records?

Hi there, I want to create a number of ‘event’ data records when a user hits save on my input form. To simplify the example, user inputs that she wants to pay €50 every quarter, for 4 years starting on 01/01/2023 I want to create 16 records (varying by date) with the bill amount.

Is this possible? Apologies if this is a silly / obvious Q - I am very new to Bubble.

All input appreciated!


Yep it’s possible…

You’ll need to do it with a backend workflow…

Then there are 2 ways to do it:

Either run the backend workflow on a list (specifically, on the list of dates in question). That backend workflow will create one database entry for each of the dates it’s being run on.


Run a workflow recursively (meaning it will schedule itself to run over and over again until a defined point). This workflow will create a database entry from one of the dates in the list of dates (such as the first item or a specific item number), then re-schedule itself to run again on the next item on the list (or the first remaining item if you remove the previous item from the list). There are many posts in this forum about created recursive workflows, so have a search through if you need some more help getting to grips with them.

If you’re working with a large list of dates, or you need to know precisely when all of the database entries have been created or track the progress of the overall process, then a recursive workflow is the way to go.

But, for simplicity, on a relatively small list, running the workflow on a list should work just fine.

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Hey! Thanks Adam - you’ve given me two good signposts there (and a lot of hope!), I’ll read up on those options now and give it a go. Will try the workflow first.

Really appreciate you taking the time with all the info!


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Hey! Quick update. So I figured out how to do the recursive workflow (which is really nifty) but I need to upgrade to a paid version. I was about to do that (to personal plan) but spotted that the scheduled workflows are only done once a month(!) on that plan and daily on the next plan up. Each of my users would need to trigger a series of these workflows and would expect to see the results immediately.

I’m gonna rework the app (which is basically my way of learning bubble, for now) to avoid all of this and come at it from a slightly different angle. Frustrating I won’t get to prove to myself that I have learned how to use this but it has been an interesting learning experience nonetheless.

Thanks again,

You don’t want to use Recurring events for this… (you can’t run them daily on most plans)… just regular backend workflows (which you can schedule as often as you like: monthly, weekly, daily, every second, every millisecond etc.)

If you’re not able to use backend workflows, you might want to look into the List Shifter plugin, which lets you iterate over lists on the front end.

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Thanks Adam! That is really good to know about the regular backends, the pricing chart on Bubble is not clear at all, just says all scheduled backend workflows are monthly. Gonna learn how to do the backend on the list, that will come in handy.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised I don’t actually need to create a huge list of records, I just need to flag the month of the year that a payment is due. Keep it simple. Or so I thought… :laughing: I’m gonna post another thread on that front (don’t want to contaminate this one).

Thanks again!


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