Create "Styles" Edit-only Permission

I’m working with a designer on a project. I’d like to allow them to collaborate on the project, but limit them to only being able to edit the “Styles” tab to create a style guide for elements.

Ideally, it would only have:

  1. Left column of style names
  2. Right column for defining style properties (appearance, conditional, transitions)
  3. Ability to create new styles

While not the answer you’re looking for, a little-known feature of Bubble is the ability to copy styles (albeit individually) between applications.

So, you can have your designer create the styles in one Bubble app, then you can manually copy them into the intended application. (Remember to delete all of the old styles). You can then use the app search to to bulk apply the styles to each individual element by type.

While time intensive, it accomplishes the goal of isolating access. Though I agree that some added granularity around the access settings to different tabs could be a nice improvement for team collaboration.

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Thanks. I did discover that feature. However, time intensiveness is what I’m hoping to avoid :wink:

Have you explored the bulk changes via the app search tool?

It’s good to know about when you want to apply a new style in bulk to a series of elements (either on the current page or across your app).

Here’s a quick GIF below on how to access it.