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Save, export, and share themes

On one of my apps, under the Styles menu, I’ve customized each element to my own design. I already have another app up and running with the default theme.

Right now the only way to copy a custom theme to another app is to copy & paste each style element over to the new app (reference)

It would be great to save our custom themes and sharing them across the apps (and even the community). This could even expand to a marketplace where users can sell their premium themes.


+1 for this.

And/Or a way to import Bootstrap CSS styles / themes.


I’d like to copy my styles from this app:

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+1 for importing CSS/JS/HTML themes/templates/components and frameworks

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plus 1 for this too.

There is the import from figma (beta) option. Maybe we can design the style in there and import to multiple projects?

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plus for this and defualt font settings for the whole project

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it would be great!

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I agree I would love for users to be able to import themes in the same way you can for some of the initial bubble theme types.

**PS - I’ve only done this on new apps, so be careful because it might overwrite other things in your app. **

  • First you can create an empty app and do what @ethan suggested in the first post.

  • Then you export this app in the General tab of the app’s Settings

  • Finally you import into your new app;

Both apps need to be on the paid plan to enable this functionality.

I hope this helps!