Create Tasks for User with an Admin Account

Hello guys : )

Sitting on this problem for 2 days now : (

Here is the case (3 Weeks bubble experience/sry for bad english):

Im creating a Dashboard where i have 2 different Views. When im logged in as an Admin, i get a different Overview. So i can set tasks for Customers, that a “normal” Users.

Admin panel:

Right now i have a Repeating Group with all the Customers inside with different details. When i click on a certain customer i open a Group via custom state with all the specific Details of the customer.

Below the details i have created a Group with inputfields etc to create a task via a button.

So the Database structure (very simple) right now is:

  1. Customers
  • Name
  • email
  • Tasks (which is a list, because i want to add maybe 10 tasks to a certain user)
  1. Tasks
    • Titel
    • Description
    • Date

Now i need the following workflow which cant set up for 2 days now:

When Button “Create Task” is clicked:

  • Create a Task (with the details)

-and at the same time add it to the Tasks’List of the Customer i clicked before in the repeating Group.

The last step would be, that i see as an admin all the tasks i gave to a certain customer in the “Customer Detail view” .

I hope u guys can help :slight_smile:

So, when button is clicked → trigger 2 actions:

  1. create a new task
  2. make a change to a thing (user) → add result of step #1 (create a new task) to User’s list of tasks
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I managed to get the Unique Task ID into the Customer field “Tasks” which is the link from the Database called “Task”. So right now i am able to set a task i created to the customer i clicked on out of the repeating group on the side.

How can i now set a “unique” repeating Group in the Customer Detail View, that only shows the Tasks that are assigend to this certain customer i clicked on?

Right now i only know how to set up a repeating group and show the fields from “task”. And this shows ofc all the tasks from the Database “Tasks”.

Customer = User?

If yes, you can Search for Tasks with a constraint user = X, where X is a reference to something holding user’s data (RG cell, some group, custom state and so on)

I wish to help , Do you mind connecting and discussing this more?