Admin dashboard for task manager

How do I create an admin side of a task manager dashboard, where I can set tasks and the user can just see a list of the tasks, click on it, read the description, download attachments and click done when they complete it? The user must not create tasks or edit them but just see them and click complete when done.

I want to build a platform similar to Trello in terms of tasks but the user who goes to the platform must not edit, add or delete tasks.

Hi there, @brian6… if I was building this app, I would want to keep the pages/forms as simple as possible by using the same set of pages/forms for both the admin and user side of things while hiding/showing elements based on a user’s role.

To elaborate, I would create a role field on the User data type, and then a user could be tagged with a role of admin.

Now, let’s say I’ve got a page that is showing all of the tasks in a repeating group, and each task has an associated pencil icon that enables it to be edited. I would hide the pencil icon on page load, and I would add a condition to the icon that shows it when the current user’s role is admin. Similarly, maybe there is a button at the top of the page that enables a user to create a new task. I would hide/show that button in the exact same manner.

Anyway, my suggestion is certainly not the only way to design your app, but it’s how I would go about it, and maybe it will help you get started.


Thanks a lot Mike,

This is of great help and will get me started with my app.

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