Create/Update Thing (Availability)

Hi there

I am new to bubble, however, I am continuously finding myself running into issues that I feel should be simple to resolve, however they are not. Well for myself anyway.

I am trying to create an availability calendar so that users can set their own availability and products they sell, and then a public user can search on a specific date and see the products that match the seller’s availability.

I have created a new table for availability, however, trying to create or update (if record already exists), is seemingly impossible from my side.

I understand there used to be an option for it, however that option is deprecated. I cannot seem to create a workflow that works to replace this option.

Please provide help if possible. Apologies if this has been tackled elsewhere, I just cannot seem to apply it to my own methodology.

Thank you in advance!

Hi there, @scott22… while it obviously doesn’t address your exact case, maybe this thread can help you get down a good path?

Hope it helps.


Thanks Mike

I saw this before but for some reason cannot get it to work with date fields. Bubble is extremely frustrating in the fact that whatever way it should make sense based on what is in the fields, it is always red!