Creating A a quiz. How to randomize answer buttons?

I’m creating a simple multiple choice quiz where there is one correct option (which will be the parent groups ‘thing’). So one button is registered that way, and the other 5 grab a random ‘thing’. How do I have the button’s shuffle after every answer? Or is there a better way to do this?

I provided screenshots as a visual aid.

If the buttons are displayed in a repeating group, which I assume is the case. You can use the sort by drop down on the search for random sorting.

They are not, but i can perhaps try to make them be in a repeating group. Problem is, one of the 6 buttons is different.

This isn’t exact but concept is there. Additionally you can use 2 RG and stop at item 3 for left and start at item 4 for right if you want to keep that UI.

I just had it refresh after each question for my own ease but you can work your flow in how you want.

Look at how I did the search:item until #5:plus current page current movie so we could factor the correct answer in there. Then it was random sorted so it was in a random order.

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