Randomising options with RNG

Hi, I need help in understanding how i can use the random number generator to randomize multiple choice answers for a quiz question, if that is possible anyway. Thanks in advance guys

If you’re using a “search for” to display the list of answers, then simply select sort by “random” within the search.

If you aren’t using “search for” to display the list of answers, then you may need to randomize yourself by using the random number generator. Here’s a video tutorial from @romanmg.

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I cant use search for because the options are saved as different fields of a data type.
data type: Personality
Field: Bio qtn (text)
Field: True Name (text)
Field: False name 1 (text)
Field: False name 2 (text)
I am not conversant with using the RNG plugin, the tutorial is too short. Doesnt give me the best insight