Creating a blockchain platform with bubble

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to use bubble to build a platform integrated with blockchain that allows data traceability during environmental product declaration

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Yes, it’s possible and many already do this.

check out Ezcode’s plugins and tools:

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I was talking about the backend of the platform not the landing page

Yes, that too.

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Yes, I have multiple blockchain based projects on bubble. Many with quite advanced smart contracts. Any chain is possible, I personally mostly work with pulse, ETH, canto, BNB, solana, anything that uses EVM inside of bubble.

Got everything from audit tools, NFT projects, NFT art generators (3rd party backend), smart contract generators, Token projects, wallet tracing, a marketplace for a layer 2 chain, and a few other random side projects.

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Hey chris, thank you for your answer, would you know if it would be possible to create a platform that respects the following diagram?

Yes however, I would assume most of what bubble will be used for is the front end design and contract calls.

bare in mind I don’t know the environmental sustainability field very well, but if I’m following what you’re trying to do you want to create a platform that tracks life cycle assessments and publishes a finalized EDP publicly.

If you want the whole process to be public it’ll heavily rely on your smart contract which bubble will just be interacting with. Your bubble database and chain will work together to push everything through the chain.

Depending what you want to be publicly visible will depend on your smart contract.

If you what only the end EDP to be public most logic will rely on bubble built side and only have chain interaction at the beginning creation and end. You can publish the final report on chain as well if you wanted.

Alternatively if you want the chain to only have status of the cycle and not the actual revisions/data it’ll again rely on a heavy on a bubble approach with occasional chain interaction for statusing.

Another thing to consider is how you’ll set this up, will each cycle be its own contract on chain or will you have one overall business contract that manages every clients cycle.

If you end up having each cycle its own contract bare in mind (chain dependent) you’ll need to bring in a compiler like the ETH EVM to compile the contract and deploy it live on chain to keep the flow seamless.

If you have one contract (company contract) manage all cycles/reports you won’t need it but the contract will likely be quite a bit more complex to code (assuming it’s solidity)


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