Blockchain (Ethereum)

Hi team-

I’d love to see Ethereum become integrated into Bubble’s framework. I reached out to Blockspring to see if we could create that, and it looks like it’s a cool possibility.

Ethereum is the next generation of blockchain tech, and I’d really like to create some apps with it.



I’m into this idea.

@emmanuel, are you familiar with Ethereum? This integration would probably be the single greatest add-on to Bubble.

I’m not. What would you do with this?

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I’m intrigued by a cryptocurrency as a value transfer mechanism between users. I’m sure there are other use cases as well.

Have been reading up on Ethereum, and the whole “smart contract” idea. Must admit it is quite a head messer … But it has huge possibilities.

Ethereum is future :slightly_smiling: but I can’t figure out how that can be plugged with Bubble.
I’m very curious. @nathanwindsor @csblack how would you use it ? and do you have an idea how it could be implemented in Bubble ?

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It does seem like the Smart Contract concept is being talked about, but I too admit that all of it is a lot to comprehend. This site shows some examples at the bottom of how a smart contract might be used.

In the real world I work in Insurance , and one of the winners of the Ethereum hack last year created something that I can get my head around. I am still not quite sure I understand Bitcoins :slight_smile:

They used Ethereum to create a flight cancellation insurance contract on the blockchain. This is linked to a particular flight. The status of a flight is publicly available, so when the flight is cancelled the things watching for this (I think these are “Oracles”) tell the blockchain, and then all the insurance contracts pay out automatically.

No insurer needs to get involved, no human needs to check the claim. If the publicly available data says the flight is cancelled, your policy pays.


@NigelG… erm… you have a JOB??? :grinning: The things you learn about people on this Forum!

I’d be happy with someone telling me how I can search multiple fields at the same time on Bubble…:cry:


Am looking at the right now. In between my Google Place frustrations :slight_smile:

@emmanuel Ethereum is (in my view) the next stage of internet dev.

Short pitch: create Uber and have it decentralized ownership.

One of the leading companies building on Ethereum is actually down the street from you in Bushwick on the Morgan stop. I can setup a meeting with you guys some time, or you can reach out to them, they’re amazing. Check it out here.

Also, there is which is looking to help people deploy Decentralized Autnomous Organizations (DAOs) and your own crypto-currency. They’re amazing too.

I’m actually helping Backfeed as a writer for their decentralized magazine.

I’d be glad to be of service to bring Ethereum to Bubble, so I reached out to BlockSpring to see how I can add it to their API list.



Would love to see this as well.


Has anyone followed up on adding ethereum to bubble. I"m very interested in this capability if its possible.

Ethereum seems to have the most advanced technology. But… for the time being… I think a baby step might be the best tack. For instance… a plugin that simply allowed one user to send another user payment via Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dash. Or even better… the ability to split a payment between two parties.

How would I use this? Users would send micro payments to each other and my application would take 5% of each transaction. Otherwise I have to collect money from each user, then disperse payments at the end of them month.

I… and others… would be willing to pay for something like this.

Here’s a new TedTalk about the tsunami of impact blockchain on the evolution of the internet.

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Hey Bubble world.

Is this a serious consideration? Possibly on the road-map?

Although Blockchain and its benefits are relatively new to me, it is clear to see how significant the blockchain movement is and the immediate potential for our Bubble applications. There is more than enough evidence to show that even the most conservative and regulated industries are being forced to adapt to Blockchain if they are to stay relevant.
Here are couple of vids that are excellent primers on the impacts of Blockchain.
TED talk: ‘Blockchain is eating Wall Street’
The Blockchain - A Revolution You Need To Understand - (1 hour)

Whilst Bitcoin (and finance related applications in general) are the obvious use cases for Blockchain integration, it is really important to understand that Blockchain is not just for financial transactions. The framework supports ANY digital content.

Some use cases already built on the Blockchain framework include peer to peer marketplace - OpenBazaar (removing third parties like ebay). There are Uber style services matching drivers who have additional storage capacity directly with people who need to ship things. There is a platform called ‘OneName’ which enables you to centrally manage your online profile and log into online web services. The point is, everyone in the Bubble community has potential to leverage a Blockchain integration regardless of the type of app they are developing and be on the leading edge of Blockchain adoption.

In a Forbes article, I saw Blockchain referred to as the ‘Internet of Value’.

For me specifically, the ability to integrate into the Blockchain ecosystem for my music related app is a huge value proposition for my users and has the potential to attract a lot of attention as it aims to move the needle on a traditionally complex issue that Blockchain is primed to solve.

I do feel that with the ability to rapidly release real and valid blockchain enabled applications on Bubble faster and cheaper than many traditional start-ups could turn up the dial on Bubble’s exposure.

Technically, I don’t quite understand the requirement for this type of integration (but I guess that’s why I choose Bubble to build on hey? :wink:

Would love to know if this is in the pipeline or being considered.



For me, Ethereum can’t come quickly enough to Bubble. In my view, much of the real promise of enabling non-programmers to code comes from the ability to deal with things of value.

Ethereum, via smart contracts, is able to dis-intermediate transaction processing, reducing costs and improving performance. Blockchain technologies also enable new models of data storage, sharing and processing.

As it stands today, you have to be able to program to include blockchain technologies in any app. Please Bubble, give us non-programmers this power to make real economic change. I think you’ll find that it will unleash an unprecedented wave of participation.


How do you want Bubble to Integrate with Ethereum ? Beyond what you could do with the API connector and Plugins creator ?

I looked at it briefly, and got pretty bored with the techie-to-techie approach, even with Solidity supposedly being a “high level” language.

It seemed to me that without being able to code up a smart contract then Ethereum was pretty much a non-starter as far as Bubble integration was concerned.

I don’t need to learn Javascript to build a website, why do I need to learn one for a Smart Contract ? Surely they aren’t that complicated.

I recommend these videos and/or the book: if you have not already seen them.

In my view, some form of integration with blockchain technologies is clearly advisable. Whether it takes the form of Ethereum or not is another matter. To date, it seems to me that Ethereum has some major advantages.

I am new here, so I’ll need to study the API connector and Plugins creator before I can say more.

Many thanks for the timely and thoughtful response to my post.

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