Creating a MVP Featuring a Map

New to and want to see what it’s capabilities are. Is it is possible with to create a website that features a Map (like Google Maps) where users can zoom/search for a geographic location (i.e. a building) and add or view an icon to the locations where if you click on it, it will display (in a new tab) information on that specific icon in reference to the designated location on the map? For example, users can add information about that location or users can just view the information that has already been added to it.

If this is possible, is there a tutorial already made showing how to use to make a mapping website? Thanks.

@Erik - welcome to Bubble!

Generally speaking, Bubble has a good deal of maps capabilities built in and is tightly coupled with the Google Maps API. As you want to get into deeper functionality, there are a few really great plugins (like @AliFarahat’s Google Maps Extended plugin).

To illustrate some of the basics, here’s a tutorial on setting a map’s marker.

I suggest familiarizing yourself with some of the basics of the Google Maps API and the different components (ex. the Places API for searching actual businesses, the Directions API for understanding navigation).

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 120+ great Bubble tutorials + on-demand coaching for Bubble).

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