Map options with Pins

I’ve been searching through these Forums, so please prevent from saying this is the 5th time this has been posted, as I’ve searched and really all I see is responses to check other threads which aren’t helpful in my case.

I’ve downloaded GPS tracking which helped and was able to setup Lat & Long with correct address. But the map doesn’t zoom or fly anywhere and stays in a completely different state.

Quick summary. I own a roofing company. We have our reps knock doors. CopyCat of App. I want them to be able to pull up the map at zoom ‘20’ and see neighborhood around where they are at. They should be able to click on where they are at or neighboring houses to drop a pin which will then pop up with a form with address autofilled and they fill out the remaining inputs. But I also want the map to show if anyone else has dropped a pin or knocked those homes. I want them to be able to hover over the markers which will show who knocked it and status of it etc. Is this possible? I’m self taught and a little experience in coding. I was actually creating an app in Zoho Creator but ended up stumbling across bubble which blew me away. So i’m hoping this is the builder i’m looking for for my CRM needs. Thanks guys. Hope y’all can send me in the right directions or share some screenshots on how to use the map element details as it’s confusing the hell out of me. I’m willing to pay for help to get this process go much faster!

I just wanted to see the built-in maps limitations and capabilities and this is the closest I can come up with :slight_smile:

There is no clicking on the map to create a new marker I guess. It can display a list of things with a geographic address though, something like below:

The map can be configured with these at the initialization, with a specific zoom and starting point set as the current point of the user:

I had to create just a plain icon sitting in the middle of the map to give the effect of the center:

Of course, there needs some nice layouting needed (a group has the map and another group with the icon inside:

Then, we can get the center of the map in workflow while creating a thing at least.

And you can do more stuff when the markers on the map are clicked.

And here is the full editor if you want to check the details:


I can’t think of any way this can be solved in native Bubble. Can it be built on Bubble still? Absolutely, but you’d need either a custom plugin built for you, or with your knowledge in traditional code try to build a custom implementation.

One SDK that seems popular is Mapbox. I’m not sure on pricing, but they advertise you can build on a free plan. Not sure what it means when it’s time for production though. Here is their site:

Here is a plugin I found that might work, and has good reviews:

Unfortunately it is a paid plugin, so you’d have to have a paid plan to really test it out.

Here is the Plugins page, if you just search Maxbox at the bottom, you’ll see the whole list.

Love this. I will try this route until I find a better solution! Thank you for this!

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