Creating a carousel of horizontal collection of products

Hey guys, I am trying to create a card styled horizontal carousel for a list of products. I have setup the UI using a repeating group and their necessary settings (as seen in screenshot), but each time I refresh the main UI, the group shows up empty.

I even added 4 fake products but even they dont get populated with the default placeholders i put for each element of the repeating group.

What am I doing wrong? Seems fairly simple, but having trouble showing them the way they were supposed to. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

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Not entirely sure if I understand exactly from the screenshots, but the first screenshot seems to show a circular query: RepeatingGroup Product’s data source = RepeatingGroup’s list of products. You can use that 2nd part only after you have a data source that gets some results from somewhere else.

Perhaps try this instead: Do a search for > then select “Products” as your type of thing.

Also, make sure that the group or content in your first cell of your repeating group is mapped to Current cell’s product.

Hope this helps,


Omg, it worked. Sorry, feel so dumb for that question now! appreciate it very much!

Glad to hear it helped you get unblocked. Best of luck with your project!

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