Problems to showing a list in repeating group

Hi community,

in my app, when an user signs up, a new cart is created and associated to user.

So i’ve these data types with following fields:

Products (FIELDS: name - price)
carts (FIELDS: added products names(list) - prices (list) - referral user)

For example, my user adds a product to cart, then adds another one. When he/she will go to cart page to checkout, for now he/she can see the two added product names in the repeating group,both in one row.
Actual data source for repeating group is “search for carts which have referral user = current user mail”, and text that should show the product names is “current Cell’s cart’s added product name”.

How can i show the list of added products names in the repeating group, but once per row, like a normal cart?

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HI @ale83ge

I put together a quick example of how to show a list of things in a repeating group

You can view here:

Look for top right repeating group - this is a list of letters in a single field.

To see how its set up check out here:


thank you sooooo much!!


Just wanted to say a huge thank you @StevenM for providing this whitespace. A problem I have been struggling with for ages has been solved in a matter of minutes!!

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