Creating a checklist from an option set


Being a newbie in Bubble, I have a question which should have some very simple and obvious answer. I have a data set “Possible responses” with 15 options. I’m trying to build a checklist that shows each individual option as a checkbox. So Checkbox 1 - Option 1 <…> Checkbox 15 - Option 15.

However, when I’m trying to display individual options, I end up with all options “Option 1, Option 2, <…>, Option 15” in all 15 checkboxes . I tried using “split by ,” and unique elements but it didn’t work either.

Thank you

Hello! :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I am not too senior in this either but i hope this helps, and and and i hope i am not too late either.

Perhaps you can try using a Repeating Group.

  1. Create an Option Set in Data (I assume you already have)

  2. Create a Repeating Group and put in a Checkbox at the first cell

  3. Data

  • Set the Type of content as the Option Set you pre-determined
  • Set the Data source as the Option Set and its Options
    (In my case my Option Set is called “Category”, with “women, men and kids” in it)
  1. TADAaaaa

TT chu got this! i hope this helps

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