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Display list with checkbox

I want to display a list field using a checkbox, is it possible, how can I do it?
this is my list field
and i want to display each item like this
how can i do it?


repeating group: search for thing’s field list of items

already have it, it looks like this
and i want a checkbox per item on the list

Create an option set of these options and set that option set as source of that RG.

hii @jonathan.munoz

i Think in your case (orden )is your field name and it consist of (chocolate harina and huevos) which is your (list of text)or may list of any other field which you want.

i think you can try making
repeating group Type of Content to Text or change it according to list of (field ) which you have created in database.
and making Data source as (do a search for (your datatype)and then select same content according to type of content and then i think you will definitely get same result as that you wanted .
or if you can share screenshot of repeating group and internal cell. it wil became more easy to guide you this part.

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