Creating a clickable link for each tab

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to create a link with each tab made? For example, if I have a tab for plane, car, and hotel all on one page how can I send a like for each tab so when someone clicks the link it goes to only that specific tab?

you can make a link if going to a new page, or you can have multiple groups on the same page that hide/show based on which tab is clicked. You need to create workflows for it

So you can’t make a separate link for each tab?

I believe that there is a built-in bubble element for what you are talking about. It’s down in the reusable elements area of your editor toolbar.

You can

Are you saying to make groups and some elements hidden and seen and when the link is clicked you only see those things that you want seen? Where would I see the different links for each tab?

Yes I am saying that

You create the links

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