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Hi all,

I’ve been getting a LOT of users asking for right click > open in a new tab

It looks like repeating groups and elements that aren’t a LINK element do not support this.

If my workflow opens a RG element, shouldn’t there be a way to allow right click > open in a new tab?

No, that will only be an option for actual Link elements (not if you’re using workflows to navigate to new pages)…

If it’s important for your app/users just be sure to use Link elements for all your navigation (I’d generally recommend that anyway as it’s better UX and better for SEO etc. - but it depends on your app).

There’s a free plugin that will open urls in a new tab without using the link element. I don’t know about the right click issue, but I don’t think it would be a problem if the link automatically opened in a new tab?

You can use the workaround-

just put the link element ( make it center with 100% height) inside the group ( set align to parent ) without any text and navigate it to whatever page you want to.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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