Creating a CMS builder on the top of Bubble


I’m creating my platform on Bubble and I would like to make a CMS builder for visual landing page creations. Are there any integration/plug-in/template that allow me to do so ?

Thank you very much!

Hey Ayman,
You’ll have to be a little more specific – what type of landing pages are you trying to generate? If they are static, then the answer is a quick yes.

If you are doing custom parallax/3D effects/Background effects/on-scroll customizations, it is a lot tricker.

Hey @dannyliu thank you for your answer, I think the static pages are enough at this point but the custom parts would be a great + for the future!

I haven’t built something like this before, but I’d imagine you could store pictures, group dimensions as images, and texts in a database, and generate them for the user on the page.

Although this sort of thing has been done before on chrome extensions for bubble apps. You can check out openbuild and frames.

Thank you for your answer @dannyliu , although i’m not sure if the extensions are helpful. I want to allow my users to build landing pages on my platform & link it to their domain

This is definitely possible to build on Bubble - but there are a few things I would keep in mind.

1.) There are no plugins/templates that I’m familiar with that make this type of application / setup “easier” in anyway. In fact, this is one of the more complex things you could build on Bubble, and in my opinion it will require a firm grasp on the platform and all of its concepts. For that reason, rather than looking for plugins or templates, I’d head straight to the coaching marketplace and Bubble Manual to start learning the platform and building up your skills.

2.). In order to allow your users to attach the landing pages they build to custom domains, it will require you to use sub apps. This requires a production plan, and its, well - expensive. Just keep that in mind. There is an alternative which is you could instruct your users to forward their domains to their specific landing page within your app - but the domain masking wouldn’t hold and ultimately the URL would read as the bubble URL or your custom domain as the app’s owner.

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