Creating a "Company/Account Detail Page" and Linking multiple contacts to one company

Hi All!

I am trying to create a account/company record page but I cannot figure out how to link the data. So for example, I have a page that shows the overview of an account (website, account owner, additional account owners - team members, and address). Then I have a group for contacts where I want to show a repeating group of contacts that work for the account/company. There can be multiple contacts under one account/company. How do I show the multiple contacts under the one account and link the contacts that are added to each company/account?

Mary S


first, you should create a field on the Account Detail Page and make it a list.

data - type
Contacts - list of Contact(contact table)

add display RG - contact list
Type - Contacts
Data source - Search Account Detail Pages each item’s Contacts

Hi! So I tried this but I am not sure it work or I did it wrong. I see that it has added the contact name s but they are all the contact names for all account and not just the one account. How do I link multiple contacts under one account(company)? I should be showing two contact names here.